Powertop is a professional fertilizer developed to mature gemma, fruit and flowers and is used during the last period of flowering. Powertop includes basic, main and trace elements that promote the plant to initiate the maturation proces. Known as providing the plant's whole power to be transferred to the fruit and/or flower after the end of the planting.

Powertop is available in different sizes.

100ml – 250ml – 500ml – 1L – 5L

Primary, secondary and micro nutrients with the mixture of inorganic fertilizer. It should only be used in case of actual need. Do not exceed the required dose. Elements WWL: NPK 2-10-4.
Use maturing period of plants in every watering. It is used for powerful blooming and high efficiency Use with N-P-K 1 Component(Aarde 1 Component.) Rinse with BGP Ashley Fert in final days for optimum taste.
Product has been developed for planting fruit and vegetable in greenhouses and pots.
Power Top is used at final stage (maturing)of blooming.
Use fertilizers properly during blooming.
It promotes maturing of fruits and flowers.
It increases the weight with great extent.
It provides all power of plant to be transmitted to fruits and flowers at the end of product.
It combines natural herbal essence and minerals and main and trace elements uniquely.

Composition Powertop

N-NO3 1.3%
SO3 3%
P205 10%
N-NH14 0.5%
K20 4%
MgO 2%
Fe 0.002%